AI Authorship Replication – for Small Businesses

What is Authorship Replication?

AI Authorship Replication is a powerful tool enabling content writers and marketers to replicate an author’s writing style, tone, and voice precisely and efficiently. Whether you’re creating content for your business or clients, our tool helps you maintain consistency and authenticity in your writing. Author replication isn’t just an AI detection bypass tool, but a complete humanization of a text.

AI Authorship Replication

Our platform uses advanced algorithms and large language models to analyze the writing style of a single reference piece and generate a new piece that matches the original in terms of vocabulary, sentence structure, tone, and style. This means you can quickly and easily produce content that fits seamlessly with your brand or client’s voice.

At, we understand the importance of maintaining ethical practices in writing. Unlike our public-facing text humanization tool, our AI Authorship Replication tool is only available for B2B use. We take measures to prevent the tool’s use for academic dishonesty or cheating. The outputs from our tools aren’t AI detection bypass tricks, they are complete rewrites and humanizations of AI textual inputs.

Our goal in launching is to provide marketing firms and content writers for small businesses with a competitive edge in the marketplace. We understand that many professionals in the industry rely on tools like Grammarly to improve their writing efficiency. However, the recent introduction of AI detectors has caused backlash from clients. Issues like these, alongside small businesses being unable to afford a writing staff like large corporations, are why we developed It provides a solution that matches the writing styles of expensive professional writers while maintaining a brand’s voice and avoiding the penalties of being flagged by search engines and AI detectors.

While our public-facing tool allows users to choose their writing style and complexity, “Authorship replication can match an author’s style, word choice, vocabulary, and complexity based on a single reference piece.” This product can only be purchased from our sales team to deter students from using it for academic misconduct.

Ethical Use of AI

At, we do not condone or support using our tool for academic dishonesty or cheating. We’ve built our platform solely to humanize AI content and encourage all users to use it responsibly and ethically. Undetectable does not approve of using this technology to bypass educational AI detection systems.

We are committed to preventing academic misconduct with our technology while providing valuable tools for marketing and creative professionals. We believe the responsible use of our platform is essential to maintaining trust and integrity in the industry.

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