AI for Email Writing: Benefits, Challenges, and Best Tools

It’s 2023 and according to some research, there are nearly 350 billion emails sent every day around the world.

That’s almost 50 emails for every person on Earth each day.

Incredibly, there hasn’t been much in the way of technological advancement when it comes to firing off these emails. Until now that is.

If you haven’t heard, 2023 has also been the year the world is shifting to the new AI paradigm.

Writing is one skill being challenged and enhanced by the emergence of AI.

If you find you are one of the many who are tired of writing email after email every day, it might be time to consider AI for email writing.

What is an AI email writer?

As the name suggests, an AI email writer is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to help you write emails.

These tools are usually built on an LLM or large language model like OpenAI’s GPT-4 which is also the engine behind the popular ChatGPT.

AI email tools utilize machine learning and natural language processors to generate high-quality email copy.

These tools are similar to AI writing tools like ChatGPT or Jasper AI, but they are designed specifically for writing emails rather than content.

AI email writers can be helpful for businesses, especially those that use email marketing to find new potential clients.

Is there an AI that helps you write emails?

Yes, there is a long list of AI tools that can help you write emails for both personal and business reasons.

These tools can help improve your productivity as well as the quality of the emails you send out.

If your company relies on email marketing, then it is a no-brainer to get an AI email tool to grow your business exponentially.

Is there an AI that writes emails for free?

Luckily for you, there are plenty of free AI email writing tools that you can use.

Most of them have the option for a premium version if you are willing to pay a modest monthly or annual subscription cost.

Some AI email tools are just plug-ins to existing apps like Gmail that you can use to boost your email writing.

What is the best free AI tool for email writing?

The best free AI tool for email writing is Copy.AI, an email tool that is used by over 10 million professionals including those who work at companies like Microsoft, Salesforce, and Zoom.

Copy.AI has the highest standard of security and compliance so you can use it with the peace of mind that the data and information in your emails is safe.

Copy.AI offers a full suite of tools for email marketers including lifecycle emails, event promotions, follow-up emails, and cold outbound.

The free version of Copy.AI is free forever but is quite limited in what it offers.

If you’re willing to upgrade to the paid versions, the price can range from $36/month to $3,000/month depending on what you are looking for.

Alternatively, the AI Email Writer for Gmail is available in the Google Workspace Marketplace as a free download.

This add-on to Gmail is powered by ChatGPT and learns the context of your previous emails to help craft your responses.

It even works with the Gmail mobile app so you can generate AI emails on the go.

This app is free to use although there are some premium features that come with a fee.

How does an AI email writer work?

Almost every AI email writer utilizes an LLM like ChatGPT to provide machine learning and natural language processing technology.

These email tools utilize autoregressive language models that draw from millions of datasets of text.

To get started, most AI email writing tools require context about what you want the email to be about.

If it is a new email, you can provide the AI tool with details about the person you are emailing, your name, and the intent of the email.

Some tools will even allow you to add branding or brand-related phrases to help make your emails feel more natural and related to the business.

If you are replying to an email in a chain these AI email tools can scan the previous messages for context and help you craft a response that follows along with the conversation.

Similar to entering prompts into ChatGPT, you can describe exactly what type of email you want and it will be produced within seconds of entering your details.

How can AI be used to improve email writing?

AI can be used to improve your email writing in a number of different ways.

How exactly? AI can provide you with emails in the exact tone you are looking for whether it is professional or casual.

Another way in which AI can improve your email writing is by formatting your emails.

For example, it’s easy to use AI to write proper salutations, subject lines, and even personalized messages.

What are the benefits of AI for email writing?

The benefits of using AI for email writing are clear: efficiency, quality, and productivity are all greatly enhanced.

Writing emails often feels like something we do on autopilot.

Using AI can provide you with professional responses all for a fraction of the time spent writing them on your own.

AI increases efficiency

Using AI to write emails increases your efficiency and saves you hours each day that you can spend focusing on other parts of your business.

Not only does it save you time from writing emails but AI can actually generate multiple emails simultaneously and distribute them without you even lifting a finger.

If you rely on emails to make sales or find new clients, using AI can help streamline your business’ efficiency which can lead to a noticeable growth in revenue.

AI improve quality

The quality of your emails will also improve. AI uses machine learning to learn from previous email conversations to improve the quality of future outputs.

Humans can get tired and sloppy as they write emails for hours each day.

AI will never waver and can send thousands of emails each day without ever seeing a decline in quality.

Using AI will also eliminate human errors in emails and provide a more consistent tone and style that can be a better representation of your brand.

AI increase productivity

When it comes to using AI for tasks, it’s all about the potential for time savings. Using an AI email writer is like having your own virtual assistant.

AI can respond and write to multiple emails at once, while also organizing your inbox, setting calendar reminders from emails, and even proofreading documents.

What are the challenges of AI for email writing?

As with most use cases for AI, there are some significant challenges in using it for email writing.

One such challenge is that as secure as your AI email tool can be, there is always the chance that it includes sensitive or private information in an email that wasn’t meant to be shared.

This is why it is prudent to always scan and check AI-generated emails before sending them.

Another challenge is that AI tools that are powered by LLMs like ChatGPT still have the tendency to provide inaccurate information at times.

These are commonly referred to as AI hallucinations and occur when AI provides a factually inaccurate piece of information in an output.

Finally, there is also the chance that AI-generated emails get marked as spam by some email providers.

AI-generated writing can often be mechanical and robotic and seem very formal which is actually a red flag for email filters.

Most instances of AI writing are better off with a bit of editing to humanize the text.

How do you ask an AI to write an email?

AI email writing tools still operate using user prompts in order to determine what type of email to write.

Be descriptive and provide as much context as you can about what the email should be about.

For example, if you are responding to a job offer email you can ask the AI to “write an email response that says I am interested but also asks about responsibilities, starting salary, and benefits in a professional tone”.


Writing emails can be a time-consuming activity that is repeated dozens, if not hundreds of times per day.

If you are writing this many emails there is naturally going to be a drop off in the consistency of the quality of those emails.

If you want to improve the efficiency, quality, and productivity of your business, then utilizing AI for your email writing is an obvious choice.

Just be aware that each AI-generated email will likely require a human eye before sending it out to the world.

As a technology, AI is here to stay. Emails are just one aspect of your day-to-day operations that can easily be handed over to an AI email tool to complete.


Is there an AI that helps you write emails?

Yes, there are plenty of AI tools that can help you write emails. Some of the better ones include Copy.AI, The AI Email Writer, and Flowrite. Most AI email tools are built on the GPT-4 platform from OpenAI.

Is there an AI that writes emails for free?

Yes, most AI email writing tools have a free option for those who only need the basic features. Some of the better free AI email tools include Writemail.AI and the Nanonets AI email responder.

Can I use ChatGPT for emails?

Yes, you can use ChatGPT for emails but you are better off using an AI email tool instead. Why? Because most AI email writers are built on the GPT-4 platform which is the same software that powers ChatGPT.

How do you ask an AI to write an email?

You ask AI to write an email in the same way you ask ChatGPT to provide you with written content. Enter prompts into the email tool with details about the context and the tone you would like to use.

As with most AI tools, the more details and context you can provide to the AI email writer, the better your output will be.

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