How to Make Money with AI In 2024 (10 Best Ways)

2024 might be your year to start making money with AI. Here are 10 ways to get started.

You can’t go very long without being confronted with some sort of artificial intelligence, whether you realize it or not.

From the facial recognition lock on your smartphone to the algorithms helping you browse the internet in a personalized manner, AI is everywhere – and we can’t escape it.

With the many real and very profitable applications it has and is going to have, we’re looking at a $15.7 trillion (not million or billion) potential contribution from AI to the global economy by 2030.

According to PwC, there are around 300 use cases of AI right now, and there’s bound to be one with your name on it.

While you might now be fantasizing about a world where you can use an AI tool and have money start flowing into your account, the reality is a little more refined than that.

There’s competition just about everywhere, and you’ll need to really learn the ins and outs of how to use AI the right way.

Copying and pasting from ChatGPT or generating digital art on DALL-E and passing it off as your own won’t cut it. After all, you want those earnings to be legitimate and sustainable, right?

Curious about how to make money with AI? Reading this list might be the first step to making your first AI dollar.

1. Become a Freelance AI Writer


Arguably, the most popular way people are cashing in on AI technology is by becoming AI-based writers.

Just look at Tim Boucher – he’s your everyday guy who started writing a series of ebooks (97 between August 2022 and May 2023) using AI tools like ChatGPT-4 and Anthropic’s Claude.

He sold each book for anywhere between $1.99 and $3.99 for a total of $2,000 within those months, which although is a modest sum, shows the potential of AI writing as an income stream.

If you were to use platforms like Upwork for freelancing, you could find plenty of opportunities for higher and more consistent earnings.

But as writing opportunities are broad and vast, you could find yourself writing engaging blog posts, selling articles, reviewing novel products, or even getting into search engine optimization (SEO) content.

SEO and content go hand-in-hand. They’re like the peanut butter and jelly or the wine and cheese of the digital realm.

When content is tailored to rank high on Google, that content becomes instantly more visible to relevant visitors – and AI can give you the edge when it comes to creating SEO content.

With the sophisticated Undetectable AI SEO Writer, you can combine the power of AI generation and the science of SEO to produce optimized content.

And thanks to Undetectable’s proprietary humanization, craft authentic and valuable pieces that bolster your money-making ambitions.

2. Become an AI Content Editor

ai editor undetectable ai

Complementary to the freelance AI writer is the AI content editor – the hidden gem of a role that could potentially overtake AI writers in terms of demand and profitability.

AI has remarkable potential, but human language structures are hard to mimic. You might have seen this if you try using an AI writing tool – sentences are disjointed, there aren’t a lot of socially and culturally specific references, and certainly not a lot of original analogies.

humanization strength undetectable ai

AI content editors are responsible for removing those overly AI-generated nuances, making the text sound more natural, and helping content writers avoid plagiarism or wonky statistics.

Undetectable AI is a stand-out platform that can help with all of this, transforming AI writing into humanized content for SEO and humanizing essays.

Whether you’re working on making an article more human or are looking for more of a balance, the tool is one you’ll want to leverage.

You can start putting your AI-generated content through our AI detector for absolutely free – and then humanize it with 1-click.

When it comes to academic content, however, always make sure you’re sticking to those academic conduct rules – keep your writing and understanding yours.

3. Social Media Management and Marketing

Social Media Management and Marketing

Social media usage is only increasing by the day. About half of American adults use Instagram, and over 80% use YouTube.

Businesses have always sought to capitalize on social media marketing as a cost-effective and direct way to reach their audience where they are, but the bigger the business gets, the less time they have to manage those social media accounts.

If you’re social media savvy, meshing your innate skills with AI-powered tools like Hootsuite and Lately could be a fantastic way to earn an income.

AI can help run social media campaigns, optimize a content strategy, or even understand an audience better through sentiment analysis – touching on all aspects of social media management and marketing.

While Hootsuite focuses on social media strategy optimization by showing you the best times to post and how your content is performing, Lately uses AI to improve your actual content.

It’ll take your existing work and create targeted social media posts that resonate with your audience.

4. Affiliate Marketing and Product Promotion

Affiliate Marketing and Product Promotion

AI in the realm of affiliate marketing is also less about generative AI and more about using AI as an intelligent system to analyze data and identify patterns.

Let’s say you’ve landed a partnership with a specialty coffee brand and need to promote their specific Wake Up Blend.

Perhaps you’ve come up with an aesthetically pleasing range of advertisements in an omnichannel strategy, but AI can take your marketing game to the next level.

It’s not only about how good the copy sounds or how incredible the visuals look – your strategy becomes strategic and informed because of those machine learning algorithms.

Now, you understand the audience’s buying behavior, the best times to promote that product, and who exactly that audience is, and in turn, you can tailor your promotions to a T.

5. Email Marketing and Copywriting

Email Marketing and Copywriting

Emails might sound dated, but there’s a ton of value in this tried-and-true method of communication, especially if you’re trying to reach a customer base.

Even with the existence of other digital avenues, businesses still choose to invest heavily in email marketing – for good reason.

Pair eye-catching content with an effective subject line and other bits of copywriting and send it out at the right time, and you could make a world of difference just like that.

While crafting the perfect email certainly demands a lot of knowledge and skill, HubSpot’s State of Generative AI found that 95% of marketers rate generative AI for email creation as “effective.”

That’s because AI can automate those related mundane tasks, help with testing, and, most importantly, work on tailoring content to each recipient.

6. Virtual Assistant Services and Task Management

Virtual Assistant Services and Task Management

People are busy, and businesses are even busier. Although automation is improving and content management systems are only getting better, there’s still a demand for human assistants to handle day-to-day operations.

Virtual assistants need to be organized, accurate, and efficient, and there’s no better complement than AI. AI is the perfect way to bolster those traits and keep everything running like a well-oiled machine.

With AI by your side, you can schedule meetings fast, create instant task reminders, streamline bookkeeping, and respond to emails at lightning speed.

7. Freelance Coding

Freelance Coding

Coding is an incredibly valuable skill to have today, whether for software programming, developing mobile apps, or web development purposes.

Coding positions pay well, they’re in high demand, and learning how to code is increasingly accessible.

AI is a true facilitator when it comes to such a highly technical skill, enhancing the all-important efficiency and accuracy needed to be a successful coder.

It can automate monotonous and non-innovative aspects of the process and leave more room for the creative aspects of coding projects.

Tools such as the new OpenAI Codex can do anything from providing context-specific suggestions and decoding codes to tackling other energy-draining tasks to better your earning potential.

8. Offering Consulting Services for AI Chatbot Implementation

Offering Consulting Services for AI Chatbot Implementation

Consider yourself an AI expert? Do you think you know enough about AI models and programming to help out a couple of businesses?

The role of an AI chatbot consultant is lucrative. Pretty much every business has deployed a chatbot to provide customers with a 24/7 service of some sort, and if they haven’t already, they’re likely looking into it.

But AI chatbot implementation isn’t always that easy. It’s by no means useful to a customer to be confronted with generic and potentially faulty answers – at that point, the business might as well not offer the feature at all.

If you can provide expert recommendations on chatbot features and craft a chatbot that meets the specific business’s needs, you might have just answered the “how can I use AI to make money” question.

9. Language Translation

Language Translation

Digitization has certainly opened the door to globalization, and in the realm of business, breaking down that barrier of language can both rake in profits and reach customers.

Language translation is diverse and in demand – providing websites, movie and video subtitles, and important text overall in a variety of languages can make these items linguistically accessible.

Human translators might come with the finesse of being able to translate slang or preserve the tone and intent of messaging, but with the pace and volume of translation needs, they might not be able to keep up.

AI-based language translators can act as a base, providing a rough translation of whatever needs to be translated, while a human translator can fill in the gaps and fine-tune it so it meets standards.

10. Freelance as a Photo and Video Editor

Freelance as a Photo and Video Editor

With the world thriving on visual content, owing in part to our shorter attention spans, photo and video editing isn’t dying down anytime soon.

If you’ve got an eye for what makes an engaging video or a beautifully edited photograph, it’s more than likely you’ll be rewarded handsomely.

But how can you overcome that fierce competition and those tight deadlines – why AI, of course.

AI-based editing tools let photo and video editors boast their talents, all while automating tedious tasks like object and noise removal and color correction.

Tasks like these that typically take up minutes to hours can be removed from the editing equation, and AI can even learn from your editing style and employ that in future projects.

There are tons of advanced photo editors that incorporate AI into their toolset, but for beginners who want the opportunity to use the technology too, Canva’s AI photo editor is a great place to start.

Canva lets you transform any image, whether you want to erase clutter, correct an image, or generate an item – without the hours of work required. Working with moving pictures?

ClipChamp’s video editor provides useful tools like auto-captions, silence removal, and an auto-compose feature to speed up your creativity.

So That’s How People Are Making Money with AI!

2024 might be the year when dabbling in AI becomes earning with AI. Working with artificial intelligence doesn’t always have to mean handling complex algorithms or understanding all the machine learning models there are to know.

When you use AI as a complement to your own skills, that’s when you open up your very own money-making avenue.

If you want to start freelance writing or editing, which is one of the most sought-after skills in the AI market today, make sure to check out

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