AI Text Detection: New Study Reveals How To Prevent Effectively

I have a confession to make. The following text is entirely AI-generated:

“The moon is Earth’s natural satellite, a celestial object that orbits our planet. It is approximately 1/6th the size of Earth and lacks a significant atmosphere, which means it cannot support human life. […]

And surprise, surprise – it gets detected by accurate AI detection tools such as Undetectable AI:


According to a recent study by the International Journal for Educational Integrity, however, one can effortlessly manually humanize AI text. So, the AI text gets converted into human form, preventing AI detection.

This effectively saves you from:

So here’s how you can quickly and almost effortlessly prevent AI text detection by fooling even the most accurate AI scanner:

How Does AI Text Detection Work?

The following is a screenshot of GLTR – ‘Giant Language (Model) Test Room’ detecting our AI-generated text above:


GLTR is an early-stage AI detector effective for older versions of ChatGPT (2018 – 2020). Because GLTR is made for researchers, you can get a deeper view behind the scenes.

Specifically, it allows you to quickly see which words of a text are likely AI-generated – and which aren’t.

As a short reference:

  • Green word: The word is likely generated by AI
  • Yellow word: The word is probably generated by AI.
  • Red word: The word is probably not generated by AI.
  • Purple word: The word is not generated by AI.

Similar to Undetectable AI, it detects the text as AI-generated. More than 80% of the words are highlighted green.

The tool does so by looking at whether or not a specific word follows another one. Meaning: How the words are used in context.

A famous AI study (which the newer study references) calls Large Language Models, such as ChatGPT or Bard, ‘stochastic parrots.’ The authors write:

LM is a system for haphazardly stitching together sequences of linguistic forms it has observed in its vast training data, according to probabilistic information about how they combine, but without reference to meaning: a stochastic parrot.

In plain English, this means that LLMs don’t understand the text they produce. They simply string along characters or sentences based on context, not based on content. Almost like a cute parrot.

AI Generated Content Exposed – ‘Stochastic Parrots’

Imagine this as creating a giant puzzle piece – one piece at a time.

But instead of being able to look at the cohesive whole, as you usually do when creating a puzzle…

… you can only focus on one piece at a time.

  1. So, you stick one piece onto the next because the form and color fit neatly together.
  2. Then, you look at all remaining pieces available and stick the next onto the previous puzzle pieces.

You repeat the same two previous steps without ever being able to look at the puzzle as a whole.

You don’t realize the beauty you created when the puzzle is completed. You just realized that every puzzle piece seems to fit just right with the previous one.

Is Generated AI-Text Credible?

Some people may look at Large Language Models (LLM) after they understand their work and immediately believe they can not be trusted. That is not so.

Turns out that AI content is actually incredibly credible.

Based on an article in ‘Scientific American’, ChatGPT scored an IQ of 155 on a Verbal IQ test. This is superior to 99.9 percent of the test takers.


The authors conclude with:

“[…] ChatGPT appears to be very intelligent by any human standards.”

After all, the underlying technology of tools such as ChatGPT dates back to the 1980s. The technology was successfully used in systems for automatic speech recognition, machine translation, document classification, and more.

  • So similar to how you could technically create beautiful puzzle pieces based on context alone…
  • … you can also create incredibly insightful text based on context alone.

Which means: AI-generated content is credible. But due to its nature, it has a chip in its armor.

And that is exactly how you can…

Expose AI-Written Content With An AI Detector

Large Language Models string together ultra-intelligent sentences – because the previous character and word fit right into the context.

This is similar to the hypothetical scenario of the person finishing a beautiful puzzle – only by focusing on the immediate context of the puzzle pieces.

This means: You can expose AI-generated content if you happen to know the string that interwoves the characters and words together.

And that’s exactly where AI detectors come in.

AI Detectors, such as Undetectable AI, know the string interweaves the characters and words in AI content.

The said string is almost undetectable to us humans. According to a recent survey, 63.5% of all subjects couldn’t accurately identify AI content, with ChatGPT-4 being 16.5% less likely to be detected than ChatGPT-3.

But AI detectors that are often trained on equally significant data such as Large Language Models, can make the distinction.

This is similar to the “I’m not a robot” captcha that we see on most websites. Robots have become so good at acting like robots that we need other robots to expose robots.


Luckily, AI detectors such as Undetectable AI are free to use. They can detect AI-generated content better than we possibly can.

The ‘Anti AI Detector’ Strategy: Manually Humanize AI Text

We’ve previously seen that most humans cannot detect AI-generated content, yet AI detection tools can.

What we humans can do incredibly well, however, based on the new study outlined at the beginning of this article, is humanize AI text:

In some instances, slight paraphrasing of the content reduces the likelihood of AI detection by half.


So, an easy way to turn AI into human text is to change a few words to synonyms. They are also called ‘patchwriting’.

However, an even more effective way to turn AI into human-like content is with the help of AI humanizers.

AI Text Converter Tool: More Effective Than Manual Changes

According to the study, paraphrasing AI content with an AI humanizer tool is more than double as effective as using synonyms.


So, using an AI-to-human text converter tool is quicker and much more effortless than manually patchwriting everything.

… it’s also significantly more effective, based on the newest studies.

What Is The Best AI To Human Text Converter?

Naturally, we’re biased. After all, we’ve built Undetectable AI. But we believe the best tool to turn AI content into human-like content – bypassing AI detectors – is Undetectable AI.

Here’s why:

  • The AI detection part is completely free. First, detect your AI. Only then use our humanize AI text tool.
  • We’re AI enthusiasts and have built Undetectable AI with the features to humanize the AI text that we’d want.
  • We’ve been featured in Forbes as the #1 AI detector, and we have over 5,000,000 active users.

Frequently Answered Questions

Here are a few answers to questions related to AI detection – and tools to hide AI-generated text.

What Is Natural Language Processing?

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a field on the intersection of:

  • Computer science
  • Artificial intelligence/ Machine learning
  • Linguistics

It focuses on the interaction between computers and humans through natural language. The goal of NLP is to enable computers to understand, interpret, and generate human language in a valuable and meaningful way.

Large Language Models (LLMs), such as Bard or ChatGPT are part of Natural Language Processing (NLP). These AI tools are using advanced NLP techniques and models to understand, generate, and interact using natural language.

How Does One Remove AI Detection?

There are two ways to remove AI detection and bypass AI detectors:

  1. Manually re-write the text. This is also called ‘patchwriting’.
  2. Use an AI tool, such as an ‘AI humanizer’ to effortlessly rewrite the content.

According to a recent study, using an AI humanizer is twice as effective in bypassing AI detection as manually re-writing the content.

This not only makes the goal to bypass AI detection more likely, it also uses significantly less time and effort. The best AI humanizer tool, in our opinion, is Undetectable AI.

What Is The Meaning of ‘Humanize AI Text’?

Humanizing AI text means translating AI-generated text into human text. This is often done to bypass AI detection tools.

As outlined in the previous section on removing AI detection, this can be done using either by manually rewriting the text or using an AI tool – also called ‘AI humanizers’.

‘AI humanizers’ are AI text converter tools that rewrite the text automatically so that it bypasses AI detection.

Popular ‘AI humanizers’ such as Undetectable AI are combined with an AI detector. This allows the tool to gather large amounts of data using AI detection, which then is used to even better improve its ‘AI humanizer’ tool.

Can You Humanize AI-Generated Content From ChatGPT-4?

Yes, you can definitely humanize AI-generated content from Open AI’s ChatGPT.

According to a recent survey, the newer ChatGPT versions sound even more like humans than the older versions do. So the good news is that newer versions of ChatGPT are more ‘human’ than older versions.

Unfortunately, an accurate AI detector can still detect content even from the newest versions of ChatGPT.

It therefore makes sense to either manually rewrite the content (if you have the time) – or use an effective AI humanizer tool that does the work for you.

An AI humanizer tool, contrary to popular belief, is twice as effective in concealing AI content from an AI detector than manually rewriting the content.

At this stage, AI humanizers are more effective in turning AI text into human-like text than humans are. This is due to advanced algorithms that are developed using large amounts of human text data.

What To Look Out For In An ‘AI To Human Text Converter’ Tool?

There are a few key features of effective AI-to-human text converter tools. These include:

  • Affordability: Using an AI-to-human text converter tool shouldn’t break the bank. You deserve an ‘AI humanizer’ that you can afford.
  • Coupled with an AI detector: The better the ‘AI humanizer’ understands AI detection, the better it will be in concealing content from them. Think ‘be close to your friends, but even closer to your enemies’. It’s even better if your ‘enemies’ are built into you.
  • User-friendliness: Converting AI-generated content into human content should be an easy process that saves you time. The best AI text converter tools can humanize AI text at the push of a button.

While there are a few ‘AI to human text converter’ tools available, the ‘Humanize AI text tool’ of our choice is Undetectable AI.

It’s affordable, easy to use, and has a built-in AI detector that is free to use. You can try it for free.

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