ZeroGPT Review – The Aggressive AI Detector

If you’re looking for a review of ZeroGPT, the AI-powered text detection tool, you’ve come to the right place. Often mistaken for GPTzero, ZeroGPT is known for being one of the most rigorous AI detectors available. But what does being the “most aggressive AI detector” mean? In simple terms, ZeroGPT rarely lets AI-generated content slip by undetected. In fact, as you’ll see in this ZeroGPT review, it often flags not only AI-generated content but also human-written content as being AI-generated, unless you use advanced AI bypass tools like

What is ZeroGPT?

ZeroGPT is a text detection tool that employs AI technology to help users distinguish between content generated by AI tools and human-written content. ZeroGPT’s website claims it is relied upon by millions of users, including students, educators, professional writers, freelancers, and copywriters.

What is an AI content detector?

AI content detector benefits are far-reaching, catering to broad user bases, from students to professionals. For instance, students can verify the authenticity of their assignments and avoid plagiarism, while teachers and educators can check the originality of their students’ work. Similarly, professional writers, employees, freelancers, copywriters, and anyone who requires original content can use ZeroGPT’s detector to ensure the quality and authenticity of their work.

ZeroGPT: Human-Generated Content and Inputs

The first test we ran for this ZeroGPT review was two human-written pieces from different parts of the internet and our own writing.

Test 1: Human-Written Wikipedia Content

This input was taken from Wikipedia’s “Golden Age of Piracy

A.I. Detection Results:

As you can see in the above picture, ZeroGPT identified the Wikipedia input with an 83.22% chance of being written by a human. It appears to have falsely flagged the first and part of the second sentence as being written by AI.

Input Test 2: Human Written Student Content

A student at a local university submitted the following input to us.

This test also falsely flagged human-written content as having a relatively high likelihood of being created by AI. In the results, you can see that ZeroGPT flagged the text with a 44% likelihood of having been created by AI. The entire second paragraph has been falsely flagged as not being written by a human.

ZeroGPT: AI-Generated Content & Inputs

The second batch of tests we ran for this ZeroGPT review were two AI-written pieces from the AI generation platform ChatGPT.

Test 1: ChatGPT – Justice in America (Essay)

The first input we submitted into ZeroGPT for the AI-generated piece was an essay about Justice.

Test 2: ChatGPT (Email)

The second input we put into Originality for the AI-generated piece was an email asking a friend to cancel their credit card due to fraud.

Not surprisingly, ZeroGPT labeled this piece of content as 94% AI while failing to identify the top lines as being AI-generated.

ZeroGPT: AI-Generated Humanized by a third-party paraphraser to attempt to bypass AI detection

Several companies in the marketplace are attempting to humanize AI-generated text to help marketers rank their content on Google, or in some cases, even trying to help students with attempts at academic dishonesty. These tools claim to help companies either bypass AI detection and make AI-generated content undetectable.

Test 1: Quilbot – Justice (Essay)

In the following test, we ran our ChatGPT-generated essay that failed in our last test through the popular paraphrase and text humanizer Quilbot. ZeroGPT Claims that it can accurately identify content spinners like Quilbot. Let’s put that to the test!

As you can see, the results from Quilbot’s paraphrasing have not stumped ZeroGPT’s content detection system.

Test 2: Undetectable – Justice (Essay)

In the second test, we ran the same ChatGPT-generated essay through the Undetectable text humanizer.

As the results show, Undetectable could convert the AI-generated text into an output flagged as 100% original and human!

ZeroGPT Pros:

Free: One of the best perks about ZeroGPT is the fact that it is entirely free to use.

Accuracy: ZeroGPT is by far the most aggressive AI detector available on the market today at detecting AI written text. The only tool we’ve found that is able to bypass ZeroGPT’s AI detector is

ZeroGPT Cons

Accuracy: As stated in the pro’s section, ZeroGPT is able to detect AI generated text far more often than programs like GPTzero or Unfortunately, it tends to falsely flag human written content substantially more than these other options.


ZeroGPT is utilized by millions, from students to copywriters, for its rigorous detection of AI-generated content. Thanks to its utilization of AI technology, this tool identifies AI written text exceptionally well. A wide array of testing, including the use of paraphrasing tools like Undetectable and Quilbot, demonstrated ZeroGPT’s aptitude in identifying AI-generated content. It comes with the added benefit of being free of charge for users who want an authenticity check done on text. Nevertheless, there’s a disadvantage when detecting genuine content written by humans, which could also resemble machine writing. The sole software that appeared better than the detector in question is; without a doubt, ZeroGPT remains an instrumental tool worth exploring if you wish to steer clear of plagiarism while verifying originality.

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