13 Best Side Hustles in 2024 to Make Money From Home

Who wouldn’t want some extra cash? Having a side hustle is becoming more and more common nowadays because, honestly, life is getting expensive – and the online world opens up so many passive income opportunities.

Nearly half of all Americans take on side hustle jobs online to pay their bills or just supplement their income generally.

Nearly half of all Americans take on side hustle jobs online

If you’re a full-time chef working day-to-day, it’s likely that you’ll be interested in becoming a freelance blogger in your spare time.

You’ll write blog posts about different culinary tips, recipes, and experiences because it’s already easy to do – you already have a love for cooking, and sharing your expertise in this way can also help you earn an extra buck.

A lot of people are looking for quick ways to earn money, especially in this economy, so we’re here to help.

If you’re not sure where to start, here’s where to start. Here are the best ideas for side hustles that can make you money from the comfort of your home.

Content Creation Side Hustles

If you’re more into the creative side, try out content creation as a side hustle.

It’s in such high demand today because there is a need for high-quality content.

You can build your own brand, attract audiences, and even make a profit. AI makes the process of content creation even smoother.

Technology has increasingly become a part of everyday life, from the appliances we use at home to the automation software that handles routine tasks at work.

More than seven out of ten content creators now use AI to assist them in drafting copy.

 seven out of ten content creators now use AI to assist them in drafting copy

Accessible AI tools like ChatGPT have paved the way to make this possible for everyone.

The potential to succeed with a content creation side hustle you can do at home is definitely on the table. Here are the best ones to consider.

1. Freelance Writing and Editing

One of the most popular side hustles out now is being a freelance writer or editor. There’s flexibility on offer, and it just requires a relatively low-power device to get started.

But depending on the type of content you create, as well as your level of expertise, it can take around two to five hours to complete a 1,000-word piece.

That’s a huge investment of your time, especially if you count how many weekly write-ups you will have to do.

This is where AI writing assistance tools can streamline the writing and editing process.

Reliable tools like the Undetectable AI SEO Writer can generate content in seconds, saving you valuable time.

Undetectable AI SEO Writer homepage

Just be aware that AI-generated content can likely be detected as non-human. You should avoid this because AI content can harm your brand’s credibility and even affect your content’s SEO ranking.

To ensure that your content still maintains that human touch, you can use the Undetectable AI Detector.

This tool not only detects AI content but also includes a humanizer that can adjust text to make it undetectable and match human writing that resonates with your audience.

undetectable ai detector and humanizer homepage

With these combined features, Undetectable is the ultimate go-to solution to maximize your writing efficiency while still letting you harness the full power of AI.

2. Blogging

Could you believe that blogging has been around since 1994? What started as a “weblog” that serves as a personal online diary has become what we call a “blog” used to spread the word of a brand for businesses to generate leads and conversions.

This is what makes blogging such a great side hustle. It allows writers to write about their expertise for their own (and for businesses), build an audience, and then make money from ads, sponsorships, and even affiliate marketing through referrals.

Just like with freelance writing, AI tools can help bloggers write better content.

Aside from overcoming writer’s block, bloggers can use AI to get ideas for inspiration and even create drafts for them.

This is a huge time saver and gives bloggers the extra time needed to experiment with future content.

3. Video Editing

If you’re already familiar with Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, or Final Cut Pro, then why not give a video editing side hustle a go?

Online videos reach 92% of internet users worldwide, so video content has become a priority for lots of businesses and influencers these days.

Online videos reach 92% of internet users worldwide

Video editing is a more CPU-intensive job, requiring freelancers to assemble raw footage, cut scenes, add effects, and combine them all together into a great story.

It can be time-consuming, but the effort is well worth it. This cements your work online, after all.

To make video editing your future side hustle, start by learning the basics through online tutorials and invest in editing software that you think will suit you best.

Then, build a portfolio by working on personal projects or offering your services to friends and small businesses.

As you gain experience and refine your skills over time, you can attract bigger clients and turn this creative pursuit into a very profitable career.

4. YouTube Channel

YouTube is the second most visited website on the internet.

YouTube is the second most visited website on the internet.

That’s huge – and that means there’s tons of potential to grow your brand. With billions of users consuming content daily, becoming a YouTuber is an exciting side hustle opportunity to share your passion and connect with a global audience while still raking in the dough.

Considering starting out a YouTube channel? Here are ways to be sure to stand out in a sea of content:

  • Choose a niche that you’re passionate about and already knowledgeable about.
  • Make sure that all your content is high-quality content, which means that whatever you bring to the table provides value to your audience.
  • Be consistent with your posting schedule so your viewers don’t feel left in the open.
  • Do some research to optimize your videos with relevant keywords and tags.
  • Create a community with your audience through comments, likes, and shares.
  • Don’t forget about the power of collaborating with other YouTubers and influencers to expand your reach.

By staying true to your interests and taking care of your audience, you can turn your YouTube channel into a successful and actually rewarding side hustle.

5. Graphic Design

The world needs graphic designers to make every message visually clear.

From logo-making and branding to website design and marketing, graphic design has the ability to influence how customers perceive and interact with a brand.

Businesses know the importance of strong visual communication, and this is why they hire graphic designers to create compelling designs.

This demand for graphic design services makes it a great side hustle for those with creative flair.

There are also different ways to offer your services – freelance as a small business or work on projects through online work platforms. Showcase your visual talent while earning extra income.

6. Self-Publishing Books

Self-publishing has become more accessible than ever before.

Although the idea of publishing your own book may seem overwhelming, with the rise of digital platforms and print-on-demand services, it’s really possible with the right approach and resources.

Start by writing and editing your manuscript, and then format it for publication.

You can even use an AI tool to help you write your book. This helps streamline the writing process.

You can choose a self-publishing platform or service that aligns with your goals and budget.

Yes, writing a book takes time and needs some determination. But this is a passion project, too.

Self-publishing books is a fulfilling side hustle that allows you to share your stories with the world.

Sales & E-Commerce Side Hustles

Sales & E-Commerce Side Hustles

Online shopping has become so popular these days that there’s no shortage of opportunities to start a business.

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? It’s time to use that passion with these best side hustles for e-commerce.

7. E-Commerce Reselling

If you’re already familiar with eBay, Amazon, or Etsy and have business skills that only need a bit of fine-tuning, you might want to try reselling.

This involves buying products from a source and, as the name implies, reselling them through an online marketplace for a profit.

What’s great about reselling is that you can source your products from wholesalers, manufacturers, and even thrift stores or garage sales in your neighborhood.

Find the items you think are in high demand, then calculate the profit margins. That’s about it.

E-commerce reselling is a lucrative side hustle because it requires a low upfront investment and lets you work from anywhere – as long as you have the internet to talk to your customers.

With the right strategy and market research, resellers can totally turn a profit.

8. Dropshipping

In essence, dropshipping is a way to fulfill orders without keeping stock of your products.

Instead, the retailer buys the item from a third party and ships it directly to the customer. This is popular because there’s such a low barrier to entry with minimal upfront costs to start.

Dropshipping is expected to grow to nearly $932 billion by 2030, so it’s not going away anytime soon.

If you’re just starting out a business, dropshipping is a great way to have an online store without physically keeping stock of your inventory.

To make dropshipping work for you, you must find the right niche, find reliable suppliers, and apply the right marketing strategies.

Remote Assistance & Virtual Services

There’s a charm to working from home. You brew a fresh cup of coffee and settle into your cozy workspace, and it’s just a short walk from your bedroom to your home office compared to an hour’s worth of commute.

In fact, more than half of employees plan or have already quit for return-to-office reasons.

This is the charm of a remote side hustle. Provide customer assistance and virtual services from your couch.

Check out these side hustles that can easily fit your work-from-home needs.

9. Tech Setup Services

Tech-savvy individuals can get into doing computer setups.

As the tech gets more and more complex, more people need to keep up with understanding how it works – and some just want help and get things done fast.

This is where remote assistance comes in.

Most tech setup work, from installing operating systems to configuring software settings and troubleshooting, can already be done remotely.

Tech is here to stay, so there’s plenty of room for growth.

10. Online Tutoring and Instruction

Online Tutoring and Instruction

Check out online tutoring if you already have experience in teaching.

The rise of digital learning platforms has made online education accessible for many families and individuals who want to learn specialized skills.

Some might also just prefer a more one-on-one approach to learning.

There’s a lot you could teach, whether it’s academic subjects and test preparation, teaching a new language, or something that’s highly specific, you can turn your expertise into a side profit.

11. Virtual Assistance

There’s a high demand for virtual assistants because businesses need to save time by streamlining their operations.

Virtual assistants can perform a wide range of tasks – email management, scheduling appointments, social media management, data entry, research, and many more, making them very popular.

If you’re interested in this venture, you will need a strong understanding of a variety of software tools and platforms.

But while it’s time-consuming to learn, it’s definitely worth it for stay-at-home parents who need a side hustle that can be done at home, a student looking for extra income, or if you’re really just looking to diversify your skillset.

The flexibility that virtual assistance can offer is certainly appealing.

Market Research & User Testing

Looking for a side hustle that doesn’t require you to learn new complex skills or invest a lot of time and resources?

Then be part of a company’s market research and user testing.

It’s probably the most straightforward way to earn quick cash, and while it won’t give you loads of money, it can supplement your income in the long run with very little to no effort needed.

12. App and Platform Testing

Companies need app and platform testers to ensure that their digital products and services are great before they roll them out.

As a participant, you evaluate the performance of different digital apps, websites, and platforms to report bugs and issues that occur while you use them.

You are the gateway towards a positive user experience.

This can be a good side hustle because it offers flexibility. Testers can choose which companies they could work for and decide which option works best for them.

You receive compensation for your time and feedback, so it’s a convenient way to earn extra income while being able to help businesses out.

13. Online Surveys

One of the most popular passive income options is answering online surveys. It’s very passive work because it’s such a low-commitment job.

You answer the survey and then get paid. That’s it. But this work matters to businesses way more than you think.

Businesses use online surveys to gain insights into preferences, behaviors, and perspectives.

Data like this is important for developing marketing strategies and gaining confidence in decision-making – and these things can be costly when not done right, which is why they need you.

This can be an attractive side hustle because you can complete surveys in your spare time.

A lot of these surveys can even be done on your phone, and there are lots of online survey platforms where you can get started.


There are a lot of side hustle jobs online that you can start today.

There’s nothing better than coming home after work knowing that you can still earn some extra money on the side without having to leave.

Whatever you decide, there’s a side hustle out there for everyone.

One of the best side hustles out there is content creation – and it even grows your personal brand.

Just be sure to use Undetectable AI as your powerful toolset, which includes an AI SEO Writer for fast and high-quality content production, an AI detector to ensure your content is always authentic, and a humanizer feature to maximize its impact.

So why wait? Jump on the side hustle bandwagon and take that one step closer to reaching your financial goals.

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