How to Bypass GPTZero AI Detection [2024]

Recent advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) have led to the development of tools like ChatGPT that can generate highly realistic text content. This has prompted the need for effective AI detection mechanisms to discern machine-generated content from human-written text. 

One popular AI detector is GPTzero. But how effective is it, really? 

Does GPTZero accurately detect AI-generated content? Today, we’ll dive deep into an experiment that tests the ability of AI to outsmart GPTZero, offering insights into the accuracy and reliability of AI detector mechanisms.

According to our testing, GPTzero was unable to maintain accuracy when Undetectable AI was used.

If you’d rather watch the demonstration of our test, check out the video below:

Bypassing GPTZero Process

Bypassing GPTZero AI Detection

Step Description Outcome
1. Generating AI Content Use ChatGPT to create an email requesting enhanced AI detection capabilities. Generated content with AI characteristics.
2. Initial Detection Test Run the generated content through an Undetectable AI detector tool. Content flagged as AI-generated.
3. GPTZero’s Verdict Submit content to GPTZero for evaluation. GPTZero detects a 96% probability of AI-generation.
4. Humanizing the AI Content Modify the content using to sound more human-like. Content sounds natural and less machine-like.
5. Re-evaluation by GPTZero Submit the humanized content to GPTZero again. Probability of AI-generation drops to 12%, classified as human-written.
6. Replicating the Test Repeat the test with different AI-generated content. After humanization, GPTZero’s detection confidence drops to 7%, mistaking AI content for human work.

The core of our experiment revolves around a simple yet telling test: Can undetectable AI content bypass GPTZero’s scrutiny? Spoiler alert: it absolutely can.

Here’s the detailed step-by-step visual breakdown of the process we followed:

1. Generating AI Content Using ChatGPT

We began by tasking ChatGPT to craft an email requesting enhanced AI detection capabilities. This initial step provided us with a base document, inherently stamped with AI’s syntactic and stylistic hallmarks.

ChatGPT screenshot

2. Initial Detection Test

The generated content was first run through Undetectable AI detector tool to check if it could be flagged as AI-generated. As expected, the ChatGPT content was detected as such. (AI detector) screenshot

3. GPTZero’s Verdict

Next, we submitted the same content to GPTZero, which returned a verdict: a 96% probability of being AI-generated. This confirmed the effectiveness of GPTZero in identifying AI-created content—at least initially.

GPTzero results. Screenshot

4. Humanizing the AI Content

Next we used tool to humanize the content, tweaking it to sound more natural and less machine-like. 

This step is important, as it involves not just rephrasing or editing but a comprehensive overhaul to mimic human writing patterns. humanizer screenshot

5. Re-evaluation by GPTZero

After humanization, GPTZero’s assessment drastically changed. The probability of the content being AI-generated plummeted to 12%, effectively classifying it as human-written. 

GPTzero bypass results demonstrated the ability to bypass the GPTzero AI detector. This shows that while GPTzero is sometimes accurate, it is not the most accurate AI detector available.

6. Replicating the Test

To ensure our findings weren’t a fluke, we replicated the test with a different set of AI-generated content: an essay on the ethics of AI. 

ChatGPT essay screenshot

The initial detection by GPTZero indicated an 82% probability of AI authorship. 

How to Bypass GPTZero AI Detection [2024] How To Bypass GPTzero

However, after using the humanization process, GPTZero’s detection confidence dropped significantly, once again mistaking AI content for human work.

As you can see, GPTzero marked the Undetectable AI content as mostly human and only 6% AI-generated: bypassing GPTzero (screenshot)

The Mechanics Behind “Humanizing” AI Content

The AI humanization process isn’t just a superficial edit. It involves a comprehensive analysis and modification of the content to evade AI detection algorithms. 

This process is refined through testing against existing detection models, ensuring that the output successfully mimics human writing styles.

The variability in processing time, ranging from a few seconds to about ten seconds, reflects the complexity and depth of analysis required to transform AI-generated content into something indistinguishable from human work.

Implications and Ethical Considerations

This experiment raises several important questions about the effectiveness of AI detection tools like GPTZero. 

If AI-generated content can be easily modified to bypass detection, what does this mean for the future of AI detection, or even their present existence? 

Conclusion: A Cat-and-Mouse Game

  • Our research into bypassing GPTZero AI detection reveals a dynamic and ongoing cat-and-mouse game between AI content creators and AI detection tools. 
  • While tools like GPTZero are becoming increasingly sophisticated in identifying AI-generated content, the ability to “humanize” AI content highlights a significant loophole in the current detection mechanisms. 
  • As AI continues to evolve, so too will the strategies for detection and evasion, underscoring the need for continuous innovation in AI detection technologies.
A man and an AI robot.

In essence, the question of GPTZero’s accuracy is complex. While it demonstrates a high degree of proficiency in detecting some types of AI-generated content, our experiment shows that with the right modifications, AI content can still slip through the cracks and be truly undetectable. 

GPTzero Pros and Cons


  • 👍 works sometimes
  • 👍 Free for a few detections


  • ❌ No reliable detection
  • ❌ Costs money to use after a few scans
  • ❌ Can easily be bypassed by using

FAQ: Bypassing GPTZero AI Detection

What is GPTZero?GPTZero is an AI detection tool designed to discern machine-generated content from human-written text.
How effective is GPTZero?While GPTZero can sometimes accurately detect AI-generated content, it has been shown to struggle with content modified by tools like Undetectable AI.
Can AI content bypass GPTZero’s detection?Yes, AI content, especially when humanized by tools like Undetectable AI, can bypass GPTZero’s detection, as shown during our time testing.
What does “humanizing” AI content involve?“Humanizing” involves a comprehensive analysis and modification of AI-generated content to sound more natural and mimic human writing patterns, making it undetectable by AI detection tools like GPTZero.
What are the implications of this experiment?This experiment raises questions about the current and future effectiveness of AI detection tools and highlights the ongoing cat-and-mouse game between AI content creators and AI detection technologies.
Is GPTZero the most accurate AI detector available?Our findings suggest that GPTZero is not the most accurate AI detector available, as it failed to maintain accuracy against content modified by Undetectable AI.
What does the experiment conclude about AI detection?The experiment concludes that while AI detection tools are evolving, the ability to modify AI content to bypass these tools poses a significant challenge, emphasizing the need for continuous innovation in AI detection technologies.
GPTzero FAQ Table

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